Movie Night at Hoover

Posted January 29th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli

Pointing HerbieCome join us for Hoover’s Movie night on Friday, February 13th.  Tickets ($3.00) can be pre-ordered or purchased at the door.  There will be hotdogs, snacks and refreshments sold throughout the movie.  Drop off service is available after signing in with an emergency phone number.  Children without an adult signing them in WILL NOT be allowed into the movie.  Doors open at 6:00pm

Showing in the “Lower Theater” (K-3 and their families)
The Lego Movie

Showing in the ” Upper Theater” (4-6 and their families)
Dolphins Tale

Contact Katie Kotecki @


Classroom of the Week- Fourth Grade Rm 203

Posted January 28th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli

203 (26)

Welcome to Room 203! There are lots of new things happening in fourth grade. Every day is full of exciting opportunities. During literacy, the students are writing their own fairytales in which they must determine the exposition-character, setting, and conflict; rising action(s); climax; falling action(s); and resolution. In addition, the students are reading non-fiction articles in which they will write and speak, comparing and contrasting texts on the same topic.

Our math class is diving into fractions! We have been working to exploring how to compare fractions, order fractions, and find equivalent fractions. Numbers rock!

In social studies, the students are learning that the United States is made up of a nation of immigrants. The contributions of each group of people have changed and strengthened the United States. Without any one group and its contributions, the United States would not be as richly diverse as it is today.

The students enjoy the Lego Robotics program! They are continuing to build a gyro boy, color sorter, puppy, or robot arm in groups of three. The students work to program the robot and try new things together.

On Thursday, February 5th, we will be going to the going to the play, Frindle at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center in Arlington Heights, after reading the book aloud in class. Our next classroom PBIS celebration will be a Hawaiian themed party! It should be a real splash.


Primary Reading Club

Posted January 28th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli
bob pPrimary reading club is offered every Wednesday during the first part of lunch to first grade students. Mr. Prusko spends 20 minutes reading highly engaging picture books that appeal to first graders. During the story, students are asked various questions that promote a better understanding of the story. The main focus of the club is to work on comprehension skills while encouraging a love for reading.


PARCC Assessment Information

Posted January 27th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli
Third- through eighth-grade students throughout Illinois will be taking the PARCC assessment for the first time this spring. The PARCC assessment replaces the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT).
Last week, District 54 requested and received approval from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to move to a traditional paper and pencil administration of the PARCC assessment for this school year. While District 54 has fully aligned our technology infrastructure to ISBE’s specifications, results from field testing conducted in mid-January have left District 54 with strong concerns regarding the reliability of the PARCC online assessment. We witnessed multiple errors during field testing including answers to assessment items changing without being prompted, drop-down menus failing to function and videos accompanying test items failing to load. These technology issues are not on District 54’s end. They can only be remedied by PARCC.
District 54’s staff has worked diligently to prepare our students with rigorous instruction to provide them with the skills needed for success. We feel strongly that assessment of our student’s knowledge and skills must be done in the most reliable format possible.
The PARCC Performance Based Assessment (PBA) window will now be from March 9 to March 20, 2015. As the testing window approaches, I will share more information regarding the logistics of the PARCC testing window. In the meantime, please contact me directly if you have any questions.
John Schmelzer
Hoover Principal

STEM Family Challenge

Posted January 27th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli

Front View HerbieGrab your family and join us for the first annual Hoover Math and Science Academy Family STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,and Math) night! As a family, you will have the opportunity to learn about what STEM is and participate in a hands-on activity that focuses on the STEM principles.

Two sessions will be held, one for primary students and one for intermediate students. Please see the details below:

Date: Thursday, February 26th
Time: Primary Session: 6:00pm  – 6:30pm (for grades K-3)
Intermediate Session: 7:00pm  – 7:30pm (for grades 4-6)
Place:  Hoover Math and Science Academy Gym

*All students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

If your family is interested in joining us for an evening of STEM fun and activities, please fill out the bottom portion of the form and return it to school by Friday, Feburary 13th.

Please note: Due to limited space, this event may be capped. If this occurs, a lottery drawing will be held.

Hope to see you there!

Click here to STEM Family Challenge sign up sheet


January Cool Tool Video – December Star Student

Posted January 26th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli


December Star Students


Rm 101 AM Azhaan
RM 101 PM Christopher
Rm 102 AM Everett
Rm 102 PM Noah

1st Grade

Rm 105 Inaaya
Rm 106 Gianpierre
Rm 107 Yash
Rm 108 Lynn

Second Grade

Rm 116 Chelsey
Rm 117 Priya
Rm 118 Edith
Rm 119 Jaden
Rm 120 Jillian

Third Grade

Rm 112 Shravya
Rm 113 Syedda
Rm 114 Alyssa
Rm 115 Tyler
Rm 121 Ryohei

Fourth Grade

Rm 201 Brandon
Rm 202 Shuta
Rm 203 Zain
Rm 213 Larkin
Rm 214 Dhruv

Fifth Grade

Rm 204 Eddie
Rm 205 Matthew
Rm 206 Lucas
Rm 207 Roman

Sixth Grade

Rm 209 Sahitihi
Rm 210 Shellie
Rm 211 Pruthvi
Rm 212 Hailey


Sports Club

Posted January 26th, 2015 by Susan Nottoli

Juggling Balls HerbieSports club is a club where students of all skill levels are welcome to come enjoy a fun friendly environment to play great games and meet new friends. Students have been playing large group games and competing in team sports. The large group games have included capture the flag, sideline soccer and battleship. Also, the kids have been playing teams sports like soccer, football, basketball and kickball. We look forward to seeing new faces in sports club as it will run throughout the year



Herbie High Fives- January Cool Tool Video

Posted January 23rd, 2015 by Susan Nottoli

Winter Clothing HerbieThe following students names were drawn from the Herbie High Five Eggs today. Each week students earn Herbie High Fives by displaying proper PBIS expected behaviors at school. When they receive a high five card they put them in the blue eggs located in the main office and the Library. Each week Mr. Schmelzer pulls names from these eggs. Students then go down to his office to receive their prize after announcements are over.


Homayon Rm 107
Nimra Rm 113
Corissa Rm 113
Krishnan Rm 117
Emma Rm 107
Ashton Rm 107
Andey Rm 114


Lilly Rm 203
Shuta Rm 202
Brandon Rm 202
David Rm 214
Rylee Rm 202



Principal’s Message- January 23, 2015

Posted January 23rd, 2015 by Susan Nottoli
Dear Hoover Families,
I hope you are all doing well. Last week I reminded parents about not driving around barricades when they come to Hoover. One more reminder, please do not park along the fire lanes. The entire length of curb that wraps around the west and south sides of the building is consider a fire lane. During dismissal time, please do not park along it. This is especially true on the west side of the building in the small parking lot. Students exit from doors 5 and 6. We want to keep all of our students safe. Thank you for your cooperation.
Here is the latest news…
·         5Essentials Survey:  As a way to continuously improve, District 54 has chosen to provide the optional 5Essentials parent survey.  The parent survey is only 26 questions and the state estimates you can complete it in 10 minutes. The survey is available in English and Spanish.
If you have more than one child at a school, you should complete only one survey for that school. In addition, only one parent or guardian per household may participate in the survey. Parents with children enrolled in multiple schools may take the survey for each school. Schools are listed alphabetically by their full names.
If at least 20 percent of our parents complete this survey, a parent supplement will be generated. The parent data will not be reported on the State Report Card. Last year, when the number was 30 percent, none of our schools met this target. We are hoping to meet the target this year.
·         Engineering Day:  Here at Hoover Math & Science Academy we are continually looking for ways to increase students’ awareness of and access to scientific and technical careers.  Additionally, with the number of college students in the U.S. pursuing engineering decreasing and the demand for engineers increasing, early introduction to engineering can encourage many capable students to consider it as a career.   We want all of our students to learn about the countless career opportunities within the field of Engineering and how education will provide that road to success.  That is why we are thrilled to extend an invitation to any Hoover community member (parents/family members/community members) that are Engineers to be a guest presenter and share your career experiences with the students and staff of Hoover during  our first ever Engineering Day.  This day will take place during National Engineering Week and is tentatively scheduled for Monday, February 23rd, 2015.  It is our hope to provide Hoover students with a better understanding of Engineering as a career from people currently working in the field.  If you are interested in taking part in this special day, please email Vernessa Stepney, Assistant  Principal, at or call (847) 357-2034 by Jan. 26th
·         Schaumburg Parent University – February Classes:  Schaumburg Parent University (SPU) is designed to involve more parents in the life of the school, to strengthen family relationships, and to improve parenting skills that will ultimately result in improved student success academically, socially and emotionally. There are three evening programs for parents only scheduled for February in the District 54 Professional Learning Center, 522 E. Schaumburg Road in Schaumburg.
o   Youth Suicide: A Community Conversation about Awareness and Prevention on Feb. 5
o   Tell Me More about This New PARCC Assessment on Feb. 10
o   The In’s and Out’s of the IEP (Individualized Education Program for students with special needs) on Feb. 26
If you are interested in attending these event, please see the attached flyers. Childcare will be available. For more information about Schaumburg Parent University and to register, visit our website at
·         Did you know that Hoover is on Twitter?  Come follow us and learn more about what is happening at Hoover.  You can Link to our account from the Hoover Math & Science Academy website or connect by going to
Here is the link to the latest edition of the Hoover Hawk:
Have a great weekend!

Learn to speak English

Posted January 22nd, 2015 by Susan Nottoli

Pointing HerbieNerge School is offering classes to learn how to speak English.  These classes are for all parents who are interested in learning basic English conversation skills.  Classes will be held from 6:00-8:00 pm on Mondays; March 2,9,16  April 6,13,20,27  and May 4th at Nerge School.

For more information contact Joanna Merrill 847-357-5756 or

Registration forms