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Classroom of the Week – 6th Grade Room 209

First of all, there are (and we can’t forget them) chrome books! We are one the five schools in this district that has had the privilege of giving their 6th classes chrome books. This has opened many new ways for learning including Google classroom which is just like real classroom but it eliminates the hassle off papers and lost work. Not that teacher look at their students’ screens to make sure they stay on task instead of the students just searching up pusheen wallpapers.(I know nothing)

Another privilege that 6th grade students have is FUSE (developed by Northwestern University) where can exercise their ingenuity. They can design game with an app called Stencyl, they could make marble roller coaster that loops, maybe even make a game controller using the MakeyMakey, or they could make themselves a custom keychain. There are many more projects to choose from! 6th grade is very privileged with all these resources​

Bilal M – 6th Grade room209