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Classroom of the Week – Third Grade Room 112

This year in room 112, we’ve become orange frogs! We’ve really implemented the Happiness Advantage and Positive Psychology from Shawn Achor in our classroom. We keep gratitude journals each day and take time to celebrate each other and our successes. We’ve been filling up our Hot 100 quite a few times for positive behaviors as well. In reading we are working on finding the main idea using key details and the text to support. We’ve also been working on comparing and contrasting ideas both explicitly and implicitly stated within the text. In writing, we are working on informational writing and are researching a famous person to write their biography. In social studies we’ve been working on how our community is part of something larger, but also diving into how we impact the environment around us with our human footprint! We even traced our own feet! Rockets are flying across the room during our rocketry time! We’ve worked hard creating our 3-2-1 Puff rockets. In math we are all working on learning our multiplication facts! We keep busy in room 112!