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Herbie High Fives – December 8, 2017

The following students names were drawn from the Herbie High Five Eggs today. Each week students earn Herbie High Fives by displaying proper PBIS expected behaviors at school. When they receive a high five card they put them in the blue eggs located in the main office and the Library. Each week Mr. Schmelzer pulls names from these eggs. Students then go down to his office to receive their prize after announcements are over.  Congratulations!


Elizabeth 102
Manvi 109
Ellie 107
Noah 121
Alex 121
Alexander 205
Katelynn 205
Gianna 211
Jasmine 205
Sharvesh 211
Damian 211
Allyson 211
Mansi 207
Ariana 207
Erin 107