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Classroom of the Week – 6th Grade Room 211

In Room 211 we have been exploring ancient cultures.  So far we have learned about ancient Mesopotamia and the first written laws, ancient Egypt and mummification, and are now learning about ancient India.  In December we visited the Field Museum in Chicago to learn more about mummies.  We are currently researching and writing about famous women who have had a positive impact on society.  We will also create a poster about that woman.  Literacy is interesting right now.  We are reading legends from the past in which the main character goes on a quest.  Some characters in these legends successfully fulfill their quests, and some do not.  Themes include accepting help from others, and accepting that you may not achieve your end goal, but the effort you put in will benefit you. We feel all of the work we are doing with poetry is really beneficial.  We are looking forward to the rest of the year, and the exciting new things we will be learning.