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Classroom of the Week – First Grade Room 108

Room 108 has been busy!  We finished up our lost animal poster writing and shared them aloud in Author’s Chair.  We made sure to include lots of adjectives for word choice and to begin our sentences in new ways for sentence fluency.  This week we’ve been learning about who is telling the story in reading.  Quotation marks, illustrations, and speech bubbles can be helpful for this skill.  Chapter 7 in math shows us how to use the <, >, and = symbols to compare numbers.  Animal and Plant adaptations is our focus in Science.  Plants and animals do so much to survive in their habitats.  We filled another classroom Herbie Puzzle and were able to celebrate with a tent reading party.  We brought in pillows, books and flashlights and read in the tents in the dark.  It was so much fun!