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Classroom of the Week – Kindergarten Room 102


Our week will be filled with shared readings and read alouds about force and motion. This is our science focus.  The students will write about experiences for this science unit during the week.  We will also write our own opinion writing during this week.

Math Updates
During this week we will review the math chapter we experienced last week. In preparation for the Chapter 8 test on Tuesday.  We will be reviewing activities through the week using activities to review addition and subtraction as we want to make sure we continue to build on our ready facts and these two areas of our math understanding!

Science/Social Studies

We will continue to read texts that prepare us to understand Force and Motion concepts. We will identify ways that things move.  We will also learn to identify a push and a pull. We will look at video clips and read about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We will compare and contrast these two presidents next week once we have studied each of them.