January 13, 2021

Hello Hoover Community,

We have some mid-week updates to share with you!  Please read below to hear more about in-person MAP testing and hybrid learning starting on Tuesday, January 19th.   

Winter In-Person MAP Assessment
This winter we will test 2nd-6th grade students using the MAP assessment tool.  The computer-based assessment will be administered to students in person because we know that the most reliable administration and data point comes when students are tested in person. The purpose of the assessment is to inform teachers of the immediate instructional needs of students. MAP results equip educators with key data to help personalize instruction and pinpoint individual student needs.  

With the testing being in-person on assigned days/times it will be important for the school to partner with families to help this process be as successful as possible.  

Important Details on the Winter MAP Assessment:

  • Students will test in group sizes of 10 or less with a minimum of 6 feet of social distance.
  • Masks will be required.
  • Hybrid students will test on an in-person day.
  • Parents or caregivers of remote only students will be responsible for transporting students to and from school on their testing day/time.
  • Specific communication to remote students regarding the date and time of the assessment will be sent in the mail this week.
  • Students will complete both the literacy and math MAP test on the same day. 
  • MAP testing does require great focus and stamina on the part of the students; therefore on the days your child is testing there will not be additional instruction.  

Evaluación MAP de invierno en persona 

Este invierno examinaremos a los estudiantes de segundo a octavo grado utilizando la herramienta de evaluación MAP. La evaluación por computadora se administrará a los estudiantes en persona según el día / hora asignados. El propósito de la evaluación será informar a los maestros sobre las necesidades educativas inmediatas de los estudiantes. Sabemos que la administración y los datos más confiables se obtienen cuando los estudiantes son evaluados en persona. Los resultados de la prueba MAP equipan a los educadores con datos clave para ayudar a identificar las necesidades individuales de los estudiantes, con el propósito de proveer enseñanza individualizada.

Dado que las pruebas se realizan en persona en los días / horarios asignados, será importante que la escuela y las familias colaboren  para ayudar a que este proceso sea lo más exitoso posible.

Detalles importantes sobre la evaluación de invierno MAP:

  • Los estudiantes tomarán la prueba en grupos de 10 o menos con una distancia social mínima de 6 pies.
  • Se requerirán mascarillas o cubreboca.
  • Los estudiantes en el programa híbridos realizarán la prueba en uno de días asignados a clases presenciales
  • Los padres o guardianes de estudiantes asignados únicamente a aprendizaje remoto serán responsables de transportar a los estudiantes hacia y desde la escuela el día / horario de la prueba.
  • La comunicación para los estudiantes asignados únicamente a aprendizaje remoto con respecto a la fecha y hora de la evaluación será provista por correo por parte la escuela.
  • Los estudiantes completarán evaluaciones de literatura y matemáticas el mismo día.
  • Las pruebas MAP requieren un gran enfoque y resistencia por parte de los estudiantes, por lo tanto, los días que su hijo se esté evaluando no habrá enseñanza adicional.

Hybrid Learning – Starting 1/19

We are looking forward to welcoming students who have previously signed up for hybrid learning in the fall back to school in person next week!  If your child is a part of the hybrid learning model please take a moment to review the important information below so you and your child feel prepared. Thank you for your support in keeping our students and staff safe and healthy.

1/18 – Non Attendance Day

1/19 – Group B Learners 

1/20 – All students remote 

1/21 – Group A Learners

1/22 – Group B Learners 

In preparation, we encourage you to review the following resources: 

District 54 Reopening Plan 

Back to School video 

How do I complete the health screener each day?

Each morning, the district will send an email to the primary email address on file with a daily health screener.  It is mandatory that parents complete the screener by 8:00 am. The office will follow up with any family that does not complete the screener.

What if my child is not feeling well or doesn’t pass the self-screener?

Any individual who shows any signs or symptoms of illness must stay home. Anyone who begins to exhibit a fever or COVID-19 like symptoms while at school will be sent to the school nurse. Students will wait in quarantine room until they can be picked up from school. Students in quarantine at home who feel well may transition to remote learning.  Individuals may not return to school until they have met the criteria outlined in the District 54 Exclusion Chart.

What should I send my child with each day for in-person learning?

  • Students must wear a mask on school property
  • An additional clean mask in their backpack each day
  • Orange lanyards
  • Green Self Screener Card indicating your child is healthy to come to school (attached to backpack)
  • Charged chromebook/ipad with charger
  • Backpack with pencil case/supplies
  • Headset/headphones
  • Lunch/snack/full water bottle – Please be sure your child brings a lunch to school each day
  • Outside gear as students will be going outside for recess

What will arrival and dismissal look like? 

Please read the information carefully, review the Hoover Arrival and Dismissal map, and adhere to the information and directions when you come on to the Hoover campus.  Parents and students should wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of social distance at all times when on campus.  We ask that parents do not congregate on campus.  Please ensure the entrances and the sidewalks near the building are cleared for staff and students. Staff supervision begins at 8:25 am.

The parking lot will be open in the morning for cars to pull into the parking lot, but will need to follow the specific routes and safety guidelines for our students, staff, and bus riders.   When pulling into the lot, please turn into the first turn lane and make your way to the exit.  There is a crosswalk for you to drop off your child and they can walk directly to their grade level entry door.  The entrance and exit doors are the same for arrival and dismissal.  The parking lot will be closed in the afternoon for dismissal from 2:50-3:10pm.  At this time, cars will NOT be allowed to enter/leave the lot. 

If your child is tardy, please bring him/her to Door 1 to sign them into school.

Arrival/Dismissal Doors: Students walking to school or coming by car will need to enter the building at their assigned door.  See the chart and map below for more information.  

Door 1 Students riding the bus
Door 2 Kindergarten Room 101 & 110
Door 3 Kindergarten Room 102 & 109
Door 5 5th Grade
Door 6 1st Grade
Door 8 4th and 6th Grade
Door 11 2nd Grade
Door 13 3rd Grade

Car Drop off Lane – Please follow the red arrows

Positive COVID-19 Cases

Any individual who tests positive for COVID-19 or who shows any signs or symptoms of illness must stay home. Please report possible cases of COVID-19 to our school so that we can initiate contact tracing and notify others who have had close contact.

Before returning to school the student must:

  • Complete the minimum quarantine time period of 10 days after their first test date if asymptomatic or 10 days since the onset of their symptoms;
  • Be symptom free and fever free for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication
  • Provide a Release from Isolation letter or other form of communication from the local health department releasing them from quarantine. If unable to obtain a letter, your child may return if they have been excluded from the minimum required quarantine period and they are symptom free. 

Close Contacts 

People who have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 must isolate at home and monitor their symptoms. Close contact is defined as “any individual who has been closer than 6 feet for more than 15 cumulative minutes with or without a face covering.” 

Individuals who are asymptomatic during the 10 days of quarantine do not need to produce a Release from Isolation letter from the local health department before returning to school. For more details, please refer to the School District 54 Exclusion Chart


The Cook County Department of Public Health and CDC also require individuals to quarantine for 14 days after travel. Students in the in-person hybrid plan would need to attend school remotely during the quarantine period. Click on the links above for more details from those agencies.