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What is Book Blogging?

Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades have made their first entry into the Library Kidblog website during their LRC time.  Each student has been set up with their own blog page on a grade level site.  Throughout the school year students will be writing about books that they have read.  Students will be encouraged to write about many different things including; characters, setting, themes, plot, main ideas, author’s message and other details of their books.

A large part of this project is to get students to reflect on other student’s blog posts.  Students first need to leave a  ”thoughtful comment”  on other student’s posts.  We have discussed what is makes a good thoughtful comment in class.  Student agreed that they could make connections to themselves or other books that they have read.  They could also add more details to a blog if they themselves read the book.  Lastly, they could also agree or disagree with a bloggers post.  Each comment needs to be supported with details and evidence from the post or the book that they read.

In addition, students are to leave a “thoughtful question” about the post.  This question could lead to seeking out more information about what was read on the post or having the blogger give more details to a statement they might have made.

The goal of book blogging is for student to engage in a healthy conversation and reflection about good books.

Great Job 4th, 5th and 6th grade students!!

6th Grade Blog Site

5th Grade Blog Site

4th Grade Blog Site