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6th Grade Greek and Roman Newspapers!

6th Grade Students created Greek and Roman Newspapers using the Google Sites Program.  Each class was first divided into two teams.  After an editor in chief was selected, the remaining students were given topics to investigate in a small group.  Each group researched relevant topics of the Greek and Roman times and then created Google Sites pages to display their topic.  Topics include; Travel and Leisure, World News, Editorials, Sports, and Entertainment.

Each Groups Sites page was then connected to the front pages of  Greek and Roman Times.  Students can then easily navigate between newspaper pages.

When finished with their Sties page students wrote a script of their topic for a Greek and Roman broadcast.  These broadcasts were filmed in the Flipgrid Website.

207 Greek Newspaper Sites Pages
207 Greek Flipgrids

207 Roman Newpaper Sites Pages
207 Roman Fipgrids

209 Greek Newspaper Sites Page
209 Greek Flipgrids

209 Roman Newspaper Sites Page
209 Roman Flipgrids

210 Greek Newspaper Sites Page
210 Greek Flipgrids

210 Roman Newspaper Sites Page
210 Roman Flipgrids

211 Greek Newspaper Sites Page
211 Greek Flipgrids

211 Roman Newspaper Sites Page
211 Roman Flipgrids

212 Greek Newspaper Sites Page
212 Greek Flipgrids

212 Roman Newspaper Sites Page
212 Roman Flipgrids