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Welcome Back!

Welcome to the Hoover Library!

Welcome to the Hoover Library Website.  My name is Mrs. Nottoli and I am your Library Resource teacher.   I have been a teacher in Schaumburg School District since 1991 and love the library.  I have previously taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th grade levels and have been a Library Resource Teacher for 15 years.

Students at Hoover School are fortunate as we have many new book titles to choose from.  I will be spending some time talking about and helping find good books in the school library.  Book check out will begin Monday, August 27!  Students will be bringing home information about their book check out day, time and library policies.

If you have any questions throughout the year please feel free to contact me.

Susan Nottoli
Library Resource Teacher

Sierra Creevy
Itinerant Library Resource Teacher