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4th Grade Great Mail Race

Type your newsletter to your state

Ideas of what you can include in your paragraph:

  • Your first name, your personal interests, (activities you do outside of school like sports, girl scouts, etc)
  • Your favorite book, subject, thing to do at school.  What you are learning at school.
  • Something you like about Hoover School. Special events or things we do at Hoover School.
  • Chicago Teams (Blackhawks, Cubs, Sox, Bears)
  • Talk about our seasons.  (Some states never see snow)  What is the typical weather that you can expect living here
  • What you like about living in the Chicago area?  Museums, zoos, sports teams?
  • Information about your family (sisters, brothers, pets)
  • What is your “favorites”?  (food, desserts, color, book, movie, video game)

Change Font and add an image on your page

Finding “schools” to send your letters.

Find addresses of the schools that you will send your letter.  You need to select one school for each state you are writing.

Map of the United States (click here to find a City/town to send your letter)

Next click the link below to find an address for a school

Type in “Elementary Schools” AND the name of your “city and state” on the search line.

city state

Now Find an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and write down their address on your index card.


Address your envelopes.  

  • Address your envelope to your school.  Make sure you address your envelope correctly with room for a stamp.  See the example below.

envelope to school