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    Second Grade Landform Projects in LRC

    Students were given a landform to research during their LRC time.  Using laptops they searched out images and the definition of the landform.  After they found the definition of the landform, they created a drawing using the paint program of their landform.  They recorded reading their sentences using Photo Story Click below to watch the classroom video Room 201 Room 202 Room […]...

    6th Grade Greek and Roman Newspapers!

    6th Grade Students created Greek and Roman Newspapers using the Google Sites Program.  Each class was first divided into two teams.  After an editor in chief was selected, the remaining students were given topics to investigate in a small group.  Each group researched relevant topics of the Greek and Roman times and then created Google […]...

    St Patrick’s Day websites for kids

      Enchanted Learning: St. Patrick’s Day Website: The Enchanted Learning site is always a top place to come for educational resources of all kinds. They’re geared towards kids in pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school. Even if you don’t particularly want to become a member, Enchanted Learning offers a lot of free St.-Patrick’s- Day-related crafts, […]...

    President’s Day Websites

    Here are some fun president’s day websites for you to visit!

    Kindergarten learn about Groundhogs Day

    Kindergarten students learned about Groundhog Day in LRC!  After listening to the book “Its Groundhog Day!” and watching a video abut how groundhogs live in the United States, they played a color dice game.  In small groups they rolled a dice and then had to color the groundhog on their page that had the correct color word.  They had a fun time!...

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome to the Hoover Library!

    Welcome to the Hoover Library Website.  My name is Mrs. Nottoli and I am your Library Resource teacher.   I have been a teacher in Schaumburg School District since 1991 and love the library.  I have previously taught several grade levels and have been a Library Resource Teacher for 15 years.

    Students at Hoover School are fortunate as we have many new book titles to choose from.  I will be spending some time talking about and helping find good books in the school library.  Book check out will begin Monday, August 31!  Students will be bringing home information about their book check out day, time and library policies.

    If you have any questions throughout the year please feel free to contact me.

    Susan Nottoli
    Library Resource Teacher

    What is Book Blogging?

    Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grades have made their first entry into the Library Kidblog website during their LRC time.  Each student has been set up with their own blog page on a grade level site.  Throughout the school year students will be writing about books that they have read.  Students will be encouraged to write about many different things including; characters, setting, themes, plot, main ideas, author’s message and other details of their books.

    A large part of this project is to get students to reflect on other student’s blog posts.  Students first need to leave a  ”thoughtful comment”  on other student’s posts.  We have discussed what is makes a good thoughtful comment in class.  Student agreed that they could make connections to themselves or other books that they have read.  They could also add more details to a blog if they themselves read the book.  Lastly, they could also agree or disagree with a bloggers post.  Each comment needs to be supported with details and evidence from the post or the book that they read.

    In addition, students are to leave a “thoughtful question” about the post.  This question could lead to seeking out more information about what was read on the post or having the blogger give more details to a statement they might have made.

    The goal of book blogging is for student to engage in a healthy conversation and reflection about good books.

    Great Job 4th, 5th and 6th grade students!!

    6th Grade Blog Site

    5th Grade Blog Site

    4th Grade Blog Site

    Transitional Chapter Books 1st & 2nd

    Students in 1stand 2nd grade have been learning about “transitional chapter books” that are available for check out from the Link Library.  These chapter books are meant for a beginning reader who is ready for a longer book with slightly challenging language.  If a student selected a chapter book they were told to set a goal of reading one chapter an evening.  These books would also make great at home read–a-louds.  Below is a list of some transitional chapter books that students have learned about during Library Resource Class.

    • Airy Fairy
    • Uh Oh Cleo
    • My Weird School
    • Melvin Beederman Superhero
    • Rainbow Magic
    • Jigsaw Jones
    • Ricky Ricotta
    • Princess Posie
    • Nate the Great
    • Hailey Twitch

    Free Rice Website

    Are you looking for a way for your child to give back to others? FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme.

    FreeRice has two goals:

    • Provide education to everyone for free.
    • Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

    This is made possible by the generosity of the sponsors who advertise on the site.

    Please encourage your child to visit the website to learn and to give.

    Kidspell Website

    Looking for a fun website to practice your spelling at home?  The absolutely free and totally fun way to improve your spelling helps to dramatically improve your students ability to learn and retain spelling words.  There are over 6,000 words to practice with for all grades K-12.

    Dance Mat Typing

    Click here to access the Dance Mat Typing Website

    Computer Roll out and Blogging!

    Computers will be rolled out next week.  All students 3rd – 6th Grade will be logging in for the first time and creating a password.  We will then begin book Blogging!  Students are to blog about a book that they read over the summer or that they have recently finished.  Students will be using the secure website KidBlog  to read and comment on each others blog pages.  Students will also be able to access these blog pages from home!

    This year will be very exciting with technology.  I will keep you posted about the wonderful projects that we will be doing.