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Journal Reflections in First Grade

Students in Mrs. Guedel’s first grade classroom work on a daily reflection journal as part of the districts Happiness Advantage Initiative.  At the end of each school day, students are to write down what they are “grateful for” or “happy about” for that day.  At the end of each week they reflect and write down 1 success they experienced, 1 challenge they had and finally something that they want to do better next week.  The kids are loving their journaling!

Hoover happiness journaling Hoover happiness journaling Hoover happiness journaling Hoover happiness journaling


Dine and Share at Lou Malnatis tonight!!

Please join us for a fundraising event for Hoover School tonight at Lou Malnatis Pizza in Schaumburg.

Wednesday, January 10

11:00AM – 11:00 PM

1 South Roselle Rd

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Classroom of the Week – 6th Grade Room 210

The school year has been flying by in Room 210. With over 80 days into the school year, we have accomplished quite a bit. In literacy, we are beginning unit 6 which covers fictions texts specifically myths and legends. In writing, we are beginning our women’s biographies. Make sure to stop by our door in the next couple of weeks to view our research posters. As for science, we are working with Mr. Sustich on group projects along with eventually dissecting owl pellets. We are looking forward to the adventures and fun that are to come in the remainder of our time at Hoover.

Engineering Visitor in Second Grade Room 202

Thank you so much to Evan’s dad for coming in to speak about software engineering! The students in Mrs. Jacobi’s second grade class learned about what engineering is all about, his job at Continental, and how important it is to be very detailed when designing a software program. He showed us a program called Scratch. Make sure to check it out at home!

Engineering visit in 2nd grade Engineering visit in 2nd grade

Herbie High Fives – December 21, 2017

The following students names were drawn from the Herbie High Five Eggs today. Each week students earn Herbie High Fives by displaying proper PBIS expected behaviors at school. When they receive a high five card they put them in the blue eggs located in the main office and the Library. Each week Mr. Schmelzer pulls names from these eggs. Students then go down to his office to receive their prize after announcements are over.  Congratulations!

Gavin 204
Yola 110
Amir 115
Ben 213
Ben 107
Sanjana 107
Yash 205
Sophia 205
Anthony 205

Hour of Code in 1st Grade

The first graders in Mrs. Guedel’s classroom participated in an “hour of code” by creating their own gingerbread board games. Each student had to place a start and finish to their game board mat and decide the path a player would take if they were to play the game. Students then switched game boards and coded the path using arrows to show how to move-left, right, up, and down.

Hoover hour of code 1st grade Hoover hour of code 1st grade Hoover hour of code 1st grade Hoover hour of code 1st grade Hoover hour of code 1st grade Hoover hour of code 1st grade

Classroom of the Week – 4th Grade Room 206

Mrs. Koverman’s class is a fun and inspiring classroom to be in. Recently in shared reading we learned all about how people are putting their efforts into making the world a “greener” place. We are also writing argumentative pieces to state our opinions about a strong belief that we have. In math, we are learning about the relationship between fractions and decimals. In social studies, we’re focusing on our state’s economy. In fourth grade for STEM we create and program Lego Robotics. First we build a rover out of Legos. Then we program it to do very cool and interesting things, such as going forward and backward and going in circles. All in all, in our opinion, Room 206 rocks!

Polar Express Day in Second Grade

We’re having a Holiday Spirit Wear Week in 2nd grade. Today was Polar Express Day in Miss Lee’s Room 214. Here’s a picture of the second graders in Room 214 in their pajamas holding their Polar Express ticket. They enjoyed listening to the book.

Hoover Polar Express Day


Decking the Doors at Hoover

Staff members at Hoover were challenged to decorate a festive door in honor of the Holidays.  This is a great way to spread holiday cheer at Hoover.

Partners Club

Partners Club students were busy making gingerbread houses for the holidays!

Hoover partners club make ginger houses Hoover partners club make ginger houses Hoover partners club make ginger houses