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Olympic STEM Activities in 3rd Grade

The third graders in Mrs. Koebernick’s class are working on some Olympic STEM activities. They are using center of gravity to make speed skaters using pipe cleaners and life savers.

Olympics in third gradeOlympics in third gradeOlympics in third gradeOlympics in third gradeOlympics in third grade

Olympic Science in 3rd Grade

Leading up to the Olympics third graders in Miss Hennessey’s third grade class are taking a break from building rockets to try out some Olympic STEM challenges. First up, using what we learned about center of gravity create a speed skater out of pipe cleaners that can stand! Here are some of our *unique* creations.  Third graders are also connecting to the project in writing! Our focus topic is the Winter Olympics but students got to pick which mode of writing (persuassive, informative, or narrative) and which sport/athlete they wanted to write about!

Olympic Curriculkum Olympic Curriculkum Olympic Curriculkum

Explorers in 5th Grade

Students in Mr Schaupp’s 5th Grade class had an “explorer parade” in social studies. The kids worked on teams to create posters about European explorers. The posters helped us all learn about many different explorers, their motives, and their impacts.

Explorer Project in 5th Grade Explorer Project in 5th Grade Explorer Project in 5th Grade Explorer Project in 5th Grade Explorer Project in 5th Grade Explorer Project in 5th Grade Explorer Project in 5th Grade

Principal’s Message January 29, 2018

Dear Hoover families,

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day outside with snow lightly falling.

Here are some important dates to remember:

  • Feb. 5 – PTA Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
  • Feb. 8 – Kindergarten Registration

5Essentials Parent Survey

All District 54 parents are encouraged to take the Illinois State Board of Education’s 5Essentials Survey by Jan. 31 at The parent survey is only 26 questions. It will allow parents to share their thoughts on the important elements of school effectiveness and help us guide school improvement.

Focus on the Foundation – January 2018

The District 54 Education Foundation’s programs primarily serve students from families with financial needs. In District 54, nearly one-fourth of students qualify for the federal free lunch program, which for a family of four means an annual income of less than $32,000.

A key focus for the Foundation is providing breakfast to ensure that students begin their day ready to learn. Thanks to the community’s generous support of our Food 4 Thought campaign, in January 2018 the Foundation will be funding breakfast programs for students at 18 of our 28 schools, serving nearly 1,400 students in need. Thank you to our 2017-18 all-school sponsors: Woodfield Area Children’s Organization, Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates, Tate & Lyle, Chick-fil-A of Schaumburg/West Schaumburg, and Schaumburg Park Foundation. Thank you also to the staff of District 54, who have donated enough money through the payroll deduct program to sponsor a school.

To learn more about the Foundation, click here to check out our video.

District 54 Multicultural Event 2018:  Performance Information and Interest Form

Each year the Department of Language and Culture, along with the Schaumburg Park District, presents a Multicultural Event. This event takes place at the Community Recreation Center and showcases the diversity represented by the students of District 54.

Preparations are already under way for this year’s event, which will take place on Saturday, April 14. We look forward to seeing many of the cultures in District 54 represented and are looking for students, or groups of students, who would like to perform.

If your child is interested in performing, please visit the Department of Language and Culture homepage for details and complete the Performance Interest Form by February 9. If you are unable to complete the electronic form, paper forms can be picked up in your school office.

Here is the link to the latest edition of the Hoover Hawk:  Hoover Hawk #18

Have a great week!

Students Work Together in a Community in Second Grade

Student in Miss Lee’s second grade class had a mock community meeting where the students worked with a partner to design a poster persuading community leaders to take action and clean up a city park. The students paraded around the room with their poster. We also voted for two classmates to be community leaders and those two students voted for the poster that was most convincing.

Mock community meeting in 2nd grade Mock community meeting in 2nd grade Mock community meeting in 2nd grade Mock community meeting in 2nd grade

Herbie High Fives – January 26, 2018


HMSA Hawk 01-25-18

The following students names were drawn from the Herbie High Five Eggs today. Each week students earn Herbie High Fives by displaying proper PBIS expected behaviors at school. When they receive a high five card they put them in the blue eggs located in the main office and the Library. Each week Mr. Schmelzer pulls names from these eggs. Students then go down to his office to receive their prize after announcements are over.  Congratulations!

Ena 204
Mahir 119
Ayana 204
Bianca 119
Jillian 119
Jasmine 205
Thomas 205
Nicholas 119
Shlok 119
Edith 119
Maddux 201
Brandon 113
Julissa 119
Chloe 112
Misheel 119
Aarna 114
Hailey 213
Yolanda 110
Claire 113
Sania 201

Parent Visitor in Second Grade

A parent from Ms. Lee’s class came and did an engineering presentation! The students enjoyed seeing how you can use your phone to order photos and refill prescriptions at Walgreens!

What I Learned…..

“I learned that every store has a headquarters”  Logan

“I learned about the icloud.”  Kasia

walgreens parent visitor


Classroom of the Week – First Grade Room 107

Learning has been in full swing in Mrs. Guedel’s First Grade classroom! Students continue to read Literature and Informational texts and annotate their thinking to better understand what they are reading. In Math, we have been using base ten blocks to learn about place value and are about to celebrate our 100th day of school! We just wrapped up our EiE unit on Material Engineering and students mixed different mortars to build small walls. In Science, we have been discussing different adaptations for plants and animals and the purpose for that adaptation. Room 107 is looking forward to more fun and learning the rest of the school year!


Schaumburg Fire Department Visits Second Grade

Students in Mrs. Prusko’s second grade class had a fire safety visit from the Schaumburg Fire Department! They learned about the risks of carbon monoxide, what may burn us if we aren’t careful, and how to keep ourselves safe from both!

Sania in the class learned…..

  1. You cannot breath, see, taste or hear carbon monoxide
  2. You can feel a headache, dizziness, sleepiness or sick if you breath in carbon monoxide
  3. You should have an alarm to keep you safe.

Fire department visit at Hoover

Band Concert at Keller Jr High

Last night was our first after school band concert for the year! Students from five different elementary schools came together to play some wonderful music. In 5th grade, each instrument was featured on a song and then students played duets, rounds and full ensemble pieces. 6th grade students opened their portion of the concert with Bring It! and did a wonderful job. They played a challenged piece called It’s About Time and closed with a familiar melody in Knick Knack Patty Whack.